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Paint for Protection, Paint for Aesthetics

When I think about all the businesses I know, the businesses I drive by, the businesses I network with, I often contemplate the meaning of it all: what are we all striving for? Making the world a beautiful place! Skin care companies: for beauty in people. Landscaping companies: for beauty around us. Automotive companies: for    […]

Why would paint peel after two years? It won’t if you hire Burnett 1-800-PAINTING!

WOW! Steve and I saw this chamber member who rightfully won a Venice Area Beautification award two years ago for repainting and sprucing up this building – it looked great! But look at it now. I feel for them for three reasons: 1) they are going to have to go through the hassle of repainting    […]

Venice, Florida Painters were Painting It Forward for Mother’s Day!

On May 11th of this year, the Burnett 1-800-PAINTING team was Painting It Forward to a Venice, Florida mom who was so excited to have her home painted. Here are some before pictures:                         And some after shots: And the crew! We all had    […]

Local Exterior Residential Painting Company Horror Story to Learn From

What’s in a price? Is it too high? too low? As a home owner, it’s hard to tell. The best thing to do, is get a few estimates and compare them. The best place to find a reputable painter in Venice, Fl is to ask your neighbors, go to the local chamber of commerce, and    […]

Choosing a Florida Home Painter: Questions to ask during the estimate

You’ve decided that it’s time to paint the outside of your home. Either the paint has failed (meaning the color has faded or is starting to chalk), there are cracks along the stucco, or you just want a completely different color. Regardless of why you want your home painted, you must now choose a painter    […]

Professionals Always Prep Stucco

Price is what a lot of people use to determine who they go with. Who can blame them? We all want to get the best deal in our purchases. Lowest price doesn’t mean best deal, however. The problem with comparing only by price is that the amateurs are going to charge a whole lot less    […]

Quality Painter = Quality Paint

There are a number of reasons why you should hire a quality Venice painter. Among them includes getting a long lasting, beautiful paint job, an affordable price, and a great warranty. However, above all, you also get quality paint. When you’re looking for exterior painting in Florida to last, the quality of paint matters significantly.    […]

4 Ways to Find a Venice, Florida House Painter

When you’re looking for a Venice painter, you want to ensure you hire a professional that understands outdoor painting. There are plenty of painters in the area, but where do you begin? By considering where to look for your painter, you can bypass a lot of the amateurs in the area and skip to the    […]

Avoid the Florida Sun’s Damage By Selecting an Experienced Exterior Home Painter

The Florida sun is good for many things, but it is hard on exterior house paint. If it can turn a tourist bright red in a single afternoon, just think what it can do to the exterior paint of your home. A good paint is like a layer of sunscreen – it will protect your    […]

Should I Hire the Cheapest Painter in Venice, Florida? Why or why not?

Part of looking for a quality home painter means getting quotes from several painting companies. This is just part of the process to ensure you’re not paying more than you need to. However, if you go with the very cheapest painter that you come across, you could end up with a few unwanted surprises along    […]