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3 Things to ask Every Venice, Florida Home Painter Interviewed

A lot of people will make a big deal out of hiring a Florida painter. While it’s critical to do a little comparison shopping, you don’t have to play twenty questions with your painter in Venice, Florida, either. By just asking 3 questions, you can find out everything you need to know about a painter.    […]

Choosing Colors When Painting Your Venice, Florida Home

When you built your home, you went through a construction company that had a very limited option for colors. You may or may not have had any choice in what those colors were. As a result, your home looks very similar to at least a dozen other homes in your community. When you hire a    […]

Opt for a Professional Venice, Florida Painter and Save More

The word ‘professional’ tends to be synonymous with the word ‘expensive’ for many people. However, this isn’t always the case. When you hire a professional painter, you can actually save a significant amount of money. By taking the time to check out the different painters in the area, you may be able to save more    […]

Why Prepping the Interior of Your Venice, Florida Home is Critical

You’ve probably walked through someone’s home and cringed when you’ve looked at a wall they’ve painted. Most likely it’s because they didn’t prep the wall properly to accept the paint. Prepping the interior of the home is just as important as prepping the exterior. If you want your home to look stunning, you need to    […]

Accept Only the Best Painter in Venice, Florida

Saving money is one of my (April’s) favorite things to do! However, I have learned not to cut corners when it comes to having things done on our home and other projects. “You get what you pay for” is not only a common saying, but it is also very, very true! Don’t we all have    […]

How to Confirm if a Painter is Insured in Florida

You may have heard it before, but you should only hire a painter if they are insured. If they don’t have an insurance policy, the affordable painter you hire could be costing you more than you had planned for. Asking the question of whether a painter is insured or not is not sufficient enough. You    […]

The Importance of Checking Credentials When Hiring a Painter in Punta Gorda, Florida

Every Florida painter that is out there should have some experience painting before you let them in your home. When you want the best results, you need to check on credentials before trusting they know what they are doing. This will ensure you get the results you want, as well as the results you are    […]

Interview Your Venice, Florida Painter for Superior Results

The only way to get the results you want out of a Florida painter is to interview them. A lot of painters are out there and not all of them use the same techniques and the same quality paint. You want the best results possible for the exterior of your home and the painter you    […]

5 Reasons Why a Local Painter is Better in Venice, Florida

Hiring a Florida painter is all about choosing the one with the most experience for the job and the greatest guarantee on work. Experience with Florida homes is the key because the hot sun and the stucco make a difference when it comes to choosing the quality of paint as well as the techniques used.    […]

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Painter in Venice, Florida

Hiring an exterior painter in Venice, Florida is a very serious task. You don’t want to hire just anyone because it could have a significant impact on what your home looks like. Hire the wrong person and your home could look worse than it does now. Since you don’t want to waste your money, there    […]