When you built your home, you went through a construction company that had a very limited option for colors. You may or may not have had any choice in what those colors were. As a result, your home looks very similar to at least a dozen other homes in your community. When you hire a Venice, Florida painter, you can finally choose from a number of different colors to change the look of your home.


One of the first things that a painter in Venice, Florida will discuss with you is the colors that you want for your home. Depending on the community you live in, you may have some limitations on the exterior, but the interior is free game. However, a painter should be familiar with the community or be able to find out what your limitations are.


From there, your Florida painter can offer you suggestions in terms of what will look best for your home exterior painting. Based on the colors you’ve used in your landscaping, the colors that you love as well as the colors of your neighbors’ homes, there are a number of colors that can be established for your home. This includes the base color as well as accent colors for the various other aspects of your home.

Beautiful exterior home repainting that goes well with the landscaping

Beautiful exterior home repainting that goes well with the landscaping...


Your home deserves to look unique. You’ve worked hard at establishing a good feel on the inside of your home through different types of furnishings and decorations. You may have even painted the walls on the inside of your home. There’s no reason the same can’t be done to the exterior of your home.


Talk with a few different painters in the area to see what type of paint they use, what your color options are, and what kind of warranty they will offer you. Depending on the paint brand a painter uses, you may be limited in colors or on the warranty. You can look forward to a warranty of up to 9 years based on the paint used.


You also need to listen to what a painter has to say about your home. You may opt for a very neutral color on the house itself and then green, brown, blue or other colors on the trim or the garage door. By applying a few different colors to your home, they can help to add more character and blend in to give a new look to your house.


Every home deserves to look different. If your construction company didn’t give you the options you wanted years ago, that’s one thing. But when it’s time to paint your home again, you may want to branch out and choose some different colors. This is your opportunity to add character to your house and set it apart from the other houses in your community.