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Venice, Florida Interior Painting Project: Classic White to Color Fun!

What color in the your interior of your home says to you, “This is fabulous! We love our home colors!” Of course, variety is a spice of life and so your taste may vary from loving your white, pristine, perfect walls to celebrating with color! Either way, we want what you want! Here is an    […]

Avoid the Florida Sun’s Damage By Selecting an Experienced Exterior Home Painter

The Florida sun is good for many things, but it is hard on exterior house paint. If it can turn a tourist bright red in a single afternoon, just think what it can do to the exterior paint of your home. A good paint is like a layer of sunscreen – it will protect your    […]

Why Prepping the Interior of Your Venice, Florida Home is Critical

You’ve probably walked through someone’s home and cringed when you’ve looked at a wall they’ve painted. Most likely it’s because they didn’t prep the wall properly to accept the paint. Prepping the interior of the home is just as important as prepping the exterior. If you want your home to look stunning, you need to    […]

Painter in Englewood, Florida Receives Painting Testimonial from Drew and Elli Baron

Hi. We’re Ellie and Drew Baron. We’re from Englewood, Florida and our home up north is in Toronto, Canada. We’ve been looking to have our driveway done for so many years and we’ve had so many prices and we decide that there was no – that we just didn’t find anyone that we really, really    […]

Painter in Englewood, Florida Receives Painting Testimonial – YouTube

Good morning. My name is Ken. I live in Englewood, Florida and I recently had the Burnett Painting company do my driveway. I’m very happy with it and the important part of it all was they showed up when they said they were going to show up which is unusual here in Florida. Thank you.    […]

Exterior House Painting Venice, Florida: Choosing Colors

The exterior of your home is the first thing that people see when they drive past and the first thing you see when you pull into your driveway. I can tell you from firsthand experience, that when you love the color of your home, it is such fun to see it every time you get    […]

Increase Curb Appeal with Venice, Florida House Painting Professionals

Selling your home is a big undertaking.  The curb appeal of your home is what everyone will look at before even stepping inside of your home.  Even though we are told not to judge a book by its cover, it is very easy to dismiss a house simply because the home needs a coat of paint.    […]

Now Hiring North Port, Punta Gorda, and Venice, Florida, Painters

Business is great and we are looking to hire more excellent craftsmen! If you’re the painter we’re looking for. . . You are described by your references as very neat and clean, friendly, enthusiastic, conscientious, holding yourself to high standards, as well as courteous, mature, and a relaxed, team player. Maybe you are working in    […]

What a Warranty Can Do For Your Painting Project in Venice, Florida

When you buy anything expensive, you like to get a warranty. Why? It ensures that you get what you paid for. When you hire a Florida painter, it should be the same. Having a warranty can do wonders for your paint job and your peace of mind. If your painter isn’t going to give you    […]

How a Professional Painter Should Quote a Project in Venice, Florida

The exterior painting in Venice, Florida can be very different from home to home. Take a look at all of the different homes just inside of your neighborhood and the different exterior variables. Do you have shrubs or bushes along the exterior walls? Do you have lots of piping around your home? Do you have    […]