When you buy anything expensive, you like to get a warranty. Why? It ensures that you get what you paid for. When you hire a Florida painter, it should be the same. Having a warranty can do wonders for your paint job and your peace of mind. If your painter isn’t going to give you a warranty, keep shopping until you find one who will.


As you shop for a Venice painter, you may want to be more concerned with their ability to provide you with a warranty than you are about the price of the exterior painting. Venice, Florida can be extremely tough on paint and a warranty will ensure that the paint will last for many years. Otherwise, you are may experience fading, peeling, and even cracking in the paint that can prevent your home from looking its best.

Burnett 1-800-PAINTING warranty for your home repaint exceeds the standard

Burnett 1-800-PAINTING warranty for your exterior home repaint exceeds the standard!


Look at the quotes you’ve received from the painters you’ve called. How much does each charge you to paint the outside of your home? Now consider how long the paint job will last. How long has each guaranteed the paint to last? In the Florida sun, average paint will only last about 3-5 years before you need to have a Florida painter come out and do it all over again – even sooner if they use a poor quality paint.


With a warranty from a Venice painter in your hand, you have a written agreement to tell you how long your paint job will last. In some cases you can experience as much as a 9 year material and labor warranty. This is almost unheard of, but when you can find it, it ensures that you’re getting the best possible deal for the exterior painting. Venice, Florida painters want to make sure that you’re satisfied and one way to accomplish this is being a professional who can offer such a warranty.


Getting a verbal agreement from a Venice painter is not the same as a warranty, either. Just because a Venice painter tells you that it will last for 5 or even 10 years does not mean that it will. If you try and call that painter in 5 years to tell them that the paint has faded, will they be around? Will they remember you and, most importantly, what you were told?


Your home deserves to look its very best for a very long time. Exterior painting in Venice, Florida can last a significant amount of years when you ensure that a warranty is in place. Warranties should be on the quality of paint as well as the workmanship to cover all bases of the painting.


If your painter in Venice, Florida offers you a warranty, GREAT! You’ll want to make sure to get it in writing and professional painters will be happy to supply such!