Character says a lot about your home. Have you ever driven to a friends home or to your home and realized that you drove past your home because all the homes look so similar? I know I have! Bringing out your own character with a different paint color choice not only helps you, but your neighbors and neighbors visitors, too! It can also do a lot to accentuate the features of your home which helps others find your home more easily. While you may have had some control over the details of your home – a sprawling front porch, pillars towards the entry way or even a prominent bay window – the majority of your home may have been chosen by the builder within the community that you live in.


There’s no reason why you have to maintain the same look as the day that you moved in. Exterior painting in Punta Gorda, Florida can provide you with more character so that you can enjoy being a little different. You can choose different colors than what the neighbors have and even accentuate some of your favorite features of the house by finding complementary colors.


When you hire a painter that has experience with painting in Punta Gorda, Florida, you get their expertise to help you add the different shades and hues to your home. Not every Florida painter can add character. Some simply paint the stucco the color that you’ve selected, when you’re not even sure yourself if that will be a good color. When you want to make the most out of your home, it’s essential to choose a Punta Gorda painter that will share in your vision and guide you through making the right decisions.


You may decide that you are tired of your monochrome looking home. You don’t have to maintain the same color throughout all aspects of your home. In fact, adding in some trim in a different color can enhance your house and add a lot more personality to an otherwise ordinary looking home. A painter in Punta Gorda, Florida can provide you with the looks that you want.


A consultation period should take place before pricing is even talked about. This gives you an opportunity to discuss your needs and wants for exterior painting in Punta Gorda, Florida. Whether you have an idea of that you want or not, it can be a great way to hear what the painter had in mind and see if they are capable of carrying through the ideas that you have. Also, you can get to know your painter. As we know, we do business with those we know, like, and trust!


This consultation is also a great time to

bag of chips or an exterior painting warranty find out if your Florida painter has suggestions for you. If they are just willing to paint your house without offering any design suggestions, they are not really a professional. Now, they don’t need to be pushy, but if you ask for suggestions, they will be able to guide you and offer those suggestions. You should be getting some assistance when it comes to choosing colors and styles because it will ultimately enhance the look of your home.
A Punta Gorda painter can take your ideas and run with them or share their own vision. No matter which one it becomes, you’ll want to make sure that character emanates from your home and a quality Florida painter can give that to you and a bag of chips! (or a warranty, which ever you prefer…) 😉