The exterior painting in Venice, Florida can be very different from home to home. Take a look at all of the different homes just inside of your neighborhood and the different exterior variables. Do you have shrubs or bushes along the exterior walls? Do you have lots of piping around your home? Do you have any extra tall walls adding beautiful character to your home? Do you have two stories to your home? It will take longer to paint one home than another, which means that your Florida painter should be coming out to your home to take a look around before her or she gives you a quote for what it will cost.


extra tall walls are one reason to get a quote by a professional painter who comes to the home in Venice, FloridaSize of the home is just one factor in getting a quote for a professional Venice, Florida painter to take care of painting your house. If you have a significant amount of landscaping around your home, a second story or anything else, it could make it more difficult for a painter to access all areas of your house. As a result, it’s necessary for a painter to have a firsthand quote prepared for you individually, to give you the best value. This is also a great time to get to know the painters. We do business with those we know, like, and trust. If you feel you cannot trust the painter giving you a quote, don’t do business with them; go with your gut with extra features take longer and need a good estimate from a Venice, Florida painter


If your Venice painter gives you a price over the phone based upon a few basic questions, one of two things may happen. One, the exterior painting on your Venice, Florida home could be very rushed. The reason being they didn’t quote enough based upon the job and that means that you may see some of the stucco through the paint or it won’t be an even coat of paint. Neither of these are good options.


The other possibility with a Venice painter is that they may have overcharged you. There may be some painters in Venice, Florida who provide one price for homes based upon the hardest possible job. This means that everyone without a lot of landscaping or a second story is paying too much money just because the painter did not come out to your house to provide you with an estimate. Also, if the quote is over the phone, you’re missing a great opportunity to meet face to face with the painter and get a feel for his or her character.


When you are looking at exterior painting, Venice Florida painters can approach quoting a job in a number of different ways. Beyond tier level pricing, some painters will simply provide you with an hourly rate. This is often a bad idea because the Venice painter could take much longer on the home than it would normally take. As a result, you’re paying continuously without any end in sight for how much more you will have to pay.


Finding a painter that gives you a fair quote is essential to your ability to find affordable exterior painting in Venice, Florida. Not every Florida painter will quote a job the same which is why it’s important for you to get at least three quotes before choosing a painter to attend to your home. Remember to ask questions about the quote. How did they arrive at that particular price? What specifically are they charging for? What is their labor rate? A labor rate is a rate per hour that every professional knows; some call it a breakeven point. This is the number that covers their cost of production and overhead as well as their employees’ wages.


You have a beautiful home, an investment, in the Venice area and you need to find a Florida painter that respects you and your investment enough to give you an individual quote by coming out and taking a look around. All professional painters are happy to do this and love to get to know their prospective new client and friend!