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Cafe’ Gelato’s Luigi’s Community Spotlight by North Port Painter

Burnett Painting’s Community Spotlight with Luigi Ammirato of Café Gelato               Steve:  Hello and welcome to another community spotlight, I’m here with Luigi Ammirato of Café Gelato.  Hello Luigi. Luigi:  Hello, how are you? Steve:  Very good.  Yourself? Luigi:  Very good, thank you. Steve:  So where do you    […]

What roller cover should I use for painting in Boca Grande, Florida?

Another great question! It is so important that you use the correct roller cover. If you do not, you could have many challenges! Before deciding on the right cover to choose, you must know the type of texture that you are planning on rolling on. There are 4 general wall and ceiling textures: Smooth- Just    […]

How Do You Prepare Chalking Paint in North Port, Florida?

This is a very important question, especial if you live in South West Florida and, more specifically, the great city of Venice. The first step is to understand how the chalking occurs so you can avoid it or prolong it as much as possible. Chalking is created when the binding agent in paint begins to    […]

How to choose the right exterior paint color in Venice, Florida

Choosing the right colors can seem to be a daunting task. And it doesn’t help that there are 1,000 colors to choose from in a color chip fan deck. Here in Southwest Florida the exterior options are limited to pastels. So basically grab any fan deck and you can pick a color from the top 3 options on a    […]

Can I paint latex over oil paint in Venice, Florida?

No! Well maybe… It all depends. Generally speaking, no you should not. Not directly that is. First the “LEAD” disclaimer; Do not sand, scrape or in any way disturb old painted (or stained and varnished) surfaces. Lead was banned for use in residential paint in the United States in 1978. Any substrate or surface painted,    […]

Get rid of that old paint in your North Port, Florida Home

Do you have some old paint you would like to get rid of? Here are some suggestions to help you do just that! If you paint is unopened and in good standing, you may be able to donate it to Habitat For Humanity. Contact them here: When disposing the number one thing to know    […]

Need a painter for just one day in Venice, Fl ?

Would you like just one room painted? Maybe your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom? How about your dining room or entry way. Maybe your baseboards need painted? How about your ceilings? How about your exterior doors, trim, or lanai ceilings? With a painter for the day you get 8 hours of professional painting in any area    […]