No! Well maybe… It all depends. Generally speaking, no you should not. Not directly that is.

First the “LEAD” disclaimer;

Do not sand, scrape or in any way disturb old painted (or stained and varnished) surfaces. Lead was banned for use in residential paint in the United States in 1978. Any substrate or surface painted, stained or “varnished” prior to 1978 may contain lead . Disturbing these surfaces may release lead dust which is harmful and toxic and can cause serious illness including brain damage.

If you house was built prior to 1978 donโ€™t scrape, sand or otherwise disturb the underlying paint without first becoming familiar with lead safe work practices and safety protocols.

Learn how to protect yourself and your family: contact the National Lead Information Hotline at 1-800-424-LEAD or see EPA lead information page at:

If you are unfamiliar with lead safe working practices, work that requires disturbing pre-1978 surfaces should be hired out to
professionals trained in lead safe practices like Burnett Painting 1 800 PAINTING ! ๐Ÿ™‚

EPA Certified Firm

Okay, moving on! You can paint over the oil once you sand and wipe off your trim or doors or whatever your project may be and PRIME! that is key for successful conversion from oil to latex.
Now you are free to paint using a latex of your choice.
We prefer Benjamin Moore’s new Advanced Waterborne Interior Alkyd, Satin Sheen.

This new hybrid of A premium-quality waterborne alkyd enamel that delivers the desired flow and leveling characteristics of a conventional alkyd paint.

It provides a tough satin finish that stands up to repeated washing. It is not easy to apply!

Be forewarned:

While repainting the complete interior of some condos in Venice, FL, our craftsman were cursing this product for the first 3 hours of application as it is tricky to learn. However after they became familiar with it, they now prefer it! (They don’t really curse, they were grumbling slightly as it was tough to adjust.)

It has excellent open time, and cleans up with soap and water. Best of all is does not have the alkyd odor.


Be sure to PRIME! Then paint your latex heart out !

~Steve ๐Ÿ™‚