Choosing the right colors can seem to be a daunting task. And it doesn’t help that there are 1,000 colors to choose from in a color chip fan deck.

Here in Southwest Florida the exterior options are limited to pastels. So basically grab any fan deck and you can pick a color from the top 3 options on a color swatch. If you are in a gated or community with Bylaws, then your options have been layed out for you.

Please remember, DO NOT choose your color at the paint store. You must take it home and view it under natural lighting with your surroundings. If you like a color or two, pick up samples of the colors and paint them on various places on your home to get an accurate feel of what will actually turn out.

While colors can look good or okay on a color chip, the best thing to do is drive around your neighborhood or town for that matter and find a home you like. Also, feel free to approach them and ask if they would share their colors with you. In fact, a friend and customer did just that this week.

Denise, stopped and asked a home owner in her Venice, FL neighborhood and not only did they tell her what their colors were but mentioned that they were thinking about painting again and Denise gave them our card! Thank you Denise. She has a great pool servicing company and you can check it out here: !

While some paint brands hold up much better that others against the Southwest Florida sun, no matter what brand you chose be wary of the bright yellows. The tint that goes into bright yellows is the first to fade. However, if you choose to call us at 1 800 PAINTING,  you are covered by our unique “9 year material and labor warranty” !