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Tips for Comparing Prices Between Your Venice, Florida Home Painters

Comparing prices for painters in Venice, Florida is a very important step before you hire a Venice painter. However, you only want the all-inclusive prices because it will ensure you are getting the best price. The last thing you want is a surprise when the painter provides you with the final bill when they are    […]

Avoid Un-licensed and Un-insured Painting Contractors in Venice, Florida

When the housing market collapsed a few years back, a lot of contractors were out of work. This included painters. As a result, there are a lot of unlicensed and uninsured contractors and painters out there who will gladly come out and paint your home for very cheap. While you may be getting a cheap    […]

Looking for the cheapest house painter in Venice, Florida? Watch out, it’s expensive!

You call a painter for an estimate. They may show up to your home with a company van, a ladder strapped to the hood, and a business card in hand. That’s legitimate, right? Wow! What a price! Way lower than the other estimates. No other company can beat it! Let’s look at why that might    […]

Why Venice, Florida Home Painters Should Visit “On-Site” for Estimates

Your home is unique. From the current color of your home to the landscaping in front of it, when hiring a painter, it is hard to convey all aspects over the phone or in an email. When you are looking for Venice, Florida painters for exterior or interior painting, they should visit your home before    […]

Choosing a Painter in Venice, Florida: 3 Reasons Why Licensed and Insured is a Must

Isn’t bottom dollar price more important than hiring licensed and insured home painters? No, and let me tell you why. What are you getting when you hire a licensed and insured painter? 1.  Standards In order to be licensed in the state of Florida, a painter must pass testing. Yes! It is not sufficient for the    […]

Venice, Florida Home Painter Estimates

Every once in a while, we will respond to a question of the day and guess what? Today is the first day! Our question today is: Why do I need an estimate on my house painting project? Isn’t it straight forward if I give the dimensions over the phone? Great question! If all projects were cookie cutter    […]

Why the Cheapest Venice, Florida Painter Isn’t Always the Best Choice

Want to save thousands of dollars? We want you to, also! When you’re looking for an exterior painter in Venice, Florida, it can be easy to focus on who is offering the cheapest price. However, when you really want to save thousands, it won’t be by hiring the painter who’s charging the lowest price. Unlike    […]

How Much Does Exterior House Painting in Venice, Florida Cost?

Like purchasing a set of golf clubs, there is a range of pricing from the general set to the high-end ultra set, to the upper echelon autographed (by your golf hero) set! Or how about getting your your hair “done”. Well, “done” can also have many different variables, too! The painting of your exterior home,    […]