house painting standards

Bunett 1-800-PAINTING standards are always above and beyond.

Isn’t bottom dollar price more important than hiring licensed and insured home painters? No, and let me tell you why. What are you getting when you hire a licensed and insured painter?

1.  Standards

In order to be licensed in the state of Florida, a painter must pass testing. Yes! It is not sufficient for the state to just hear that you know how to apply paint to a wall—even a paint ball gun can do that! Quality and education standards come with a licensed and insured painter. The painting company must show expertise and is accountable to the governing facility who gave out the license that the work is quality, every time.

If a painter is not willing to meet standards and be tested so as to obtain a license, odds are against that company going above and beyond on your painting project.

2. Protection

Should there be an accident-either with material or bodily with a worker, you want to know before it’s too late that you are protected from liability.

If a home painting contractor is not insured with both  and WORKMAN’S COMPENSATION, you are at risk. You will end up paying dearly for any accidents that occurred on your property. It is not worth the risk!

3. Peace of Mind

Is there any price for having peace of mind knowing that you are hiring a professional who will not only take care of your home with utmost care, but also cover any damage or accidents should they occur? We think not. Your pocketbook will agree with us; the risk is just too high and the missing peace of mind not worth the discount if not hiring a licensed and insured painter.

Give yourself a gift. Give yourself the gift of a high quality standards exceeded on your project, your money protected against accidents, and the peace of mind that accompanies hiring a licensed and insured home painting professional. You’re worth it and so is your home!Workmans Comp Proof of Ins

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