house painting dreams come trueI love what I do! Especially when the clients we are working with are just as excited to have their home painted in their dream colors. Yesterday was one of those times. Steve and I went over to one of clients homes to confirm the scope of the work (what we were going to be painting and what was to be left alone) and choose colors.

For privacy, I’ll call our clients Bill and Jill. Jill was so excited and knew exactly what she wanted painted. Then we sat down to pick out colors. First, she was looking Tommy Bahama kinds of colors, which are very elegant. However, upon hearing her desire for her kitchen to be a key west type of green, when she asked for help, I suggested she may be wanting more of a key west theme. Steve quickly showed her the colors that fit more with the key west theme. She loved these colors and her husband was so awesome and said, “Whatever colors you like, I love!” How great is that?!

Steve and I had such a great time getting to help Bill and Jill and also getting to know them and Jill’s parents who were there, too. Oh! I can’t forget the puppy, too: Zoey! Such a fun, cute Yorkie!

This was one of those visits that Steve and I walk away from, just thrilled to be able to make our clients dreams come true! Thanks, Bill and Jill for being such great people and having us over!