Unique aspects of homes makes on-site estimates a must

Unique aspects of homes makes on-site estimates a must.

Your home is unique. From the current color of your home to the landscaping in front of it, when hiring a painter, it is hard to convey all aspects over the phone or in an email. When you are looking for Venice, Florida painters for exterior or interior painting, they should visit your home before just giving you a quote to accurately answer your questions.


When the Florida painter comes out to give you an estimate, they will be able to take a look around and see all the unique aspects of your home. This ensures that your painter understands your needs instead of just giving you the same responses that they give everyone else and then charging more in the end because your home is not like all the rest. Some examples of unique aspects include: elaborate trim, tall bushes next to the house, and added block and stucco boxing in the air conditioning unit. Not only this, but each home as different stucco: from orange peel texture to much thicker stucco which soaks up the paint much more quickly.


Painting the exterior of your home is an investment and keeps your home protected against various things such as water leaking in through cracks and causing mold. Any quality painter in Venice, Florida will acknowledge this and come out to your home to meet you and make sure your getting the most out of this investment. You will learn about the advantages to painting your home, the options available and how the cost is calculated based upon the type of home you have.


If your painter in Venice, Florida doesn’t come out to your home first, a lot of questions are left unanswered. This includes how did they know how much to charge? What color am I getting? Is this the right painter for me? You shouldn’t have any questions once you’ve chosen the right painter for the job. If there are still questions left unanswered, you may want to think about finding a different painter.


It comes down to your Venice painter needing to come out to your home first. You may have a single story, a two-story or even a three-story home to have painted. While you can tell this to a painter over the phone, it is difficult to convey all aspects using dialogue only. A painter needs to see the features of your home for him or herself in order to provide you with the answers to all of your questions.


A Florida painter should come out to your home for three main reasons. The first is to give you a consultation where all of your questions are answered. The second is to give the painter the opportunity to see the house in person and determine if this is a job that they are willing and able to take on. Not all painters will paint all homes because of conditions or necessary equipment such as a lift. Third, it lets you meet the painter and determine if this is an individual you trust in your home.


You don’t want to pay a painter in Venice, Florida until you have them out to your home for an estimate. Otherwise it’s uncertain as to what you’re getting. You want the best for your unique home and finding the right company to provide the best requires an on-site estimate.