hire a licensed and insured painter

Hire a licensed and insured painter with glowing video testimonials!

You call a painter for an estimate. They may show up to your home with a company van, a ladder strapped to the hood, and a business card in hand. That’s legitimate, right? Wow! What a price! Way lower than the other estimates. No other company can beat it! Let’s look at why that might not be the best deal in town. Although they may look legitimate, they could be the farthest thing from professional, which means you’re going to pay for it in the long run.


Many of the cheaper Venice painters aren’t licensed or insured. Being licensed and insured costs money. It takes time to make sure the proper licenses are paid for and in on time. Not all painters want to go through the hassle or the expense. Is it legal? No. Make sure your painter is operating above the law- no matter how good the price is. Illegally working without a license or insurance is not professional.


If they aren’t licensed, they are probably not insured, either. This could cause you a lot of financial problems down the road. Should a worker fall off your roof, it’s your property, thus you would become liable. If the painter is licensed and insured, then their insurance policy covers accidents of the employees on the job site.


When there is significantly less amount of money exchanged for services, it usually means you get what you paid for. When you want Florida painters that are professional and operating within the law, you have to pay for that ability. When there is a discrepancy between painters’ prices, one must ask why. Take the time to find out why, so that you can have peace of mind knowing your project is being handled by a professional with the license, insurance, and testimonials to prove it.


The only one who suffers from a cheap painter is you. You may experience cracking and peeling along the paint. You may see that the color of paint is fading before your eyes because of the hot Florida sun. You may even notice that you have “holidays” (missing paint) in the harder to reach stucco.


If you chose a cheap painter, you probably have no form of recourse either. Finding the best value is one thing that you should be looking to hire. Finding the cheapest one is an entirely different issue. If a painter provides you with a quote that is too good to be true, it probably is.


You will want to ask why there is a different in prices between painters. What is your Florida painter offering you in terms of warranty, customer satisfaction, and quality, and time frame? Find out before you hand over any kind of money.


Ask questions to make sure there are no surprises when hiring a painting contractor

Ask questions to make sure there are no surprises when hiring a painting contractor. Hire a licensed and insured painter.

An illegitimate appearance is easy to spot if you ask the right questions. Ask for a warranty. Ask for time frame. Ask who will do the painting. Ask to see proof of license and insurances. Ask for price break down. If the price is too low, use that as your guide to sense that something is wrong. Do a little investigative work before you hire just any Venice painter. As we all know, you get what you pay for.