Like purchasing a set of golf clubs, there is a range of pricing from the general set to the high-end ultra set, to the upper echelon autographed (by your golf hero) set!

Or how about getting your your hair “done”. Well, “done” can also have many different variables, too!

The painting of your exterior home, while having many variables, we can still lay out some pricing to give you some idea of the cost.

The 3 major variables when considering the painting cost of your home are:

1st. Texture of your home. This can range from the simple “Scratch Coat” that is flat with a sand finish, to the typical “knock Down” texture, to the Synthetic Stucco finish which really drinks up the paint!

2nd. Height of your home. This ranges from 8′. 10′, 14′ and then 2nd stories and the few 3rd stories.

3rd. Accessibility. Level 1 would be complete accessibility, meaning no bushes, pipes, rails, AC units, shutters. Level 2 has mild bushes. Level 3 has bushes, pipes, rails, AC units, shutters. The rare Level 4 is very difficulty to access and that could mean uneven ground, house close to a stone wall, or anything where we would need a lift to get to the hard to reach areas.

Typical homes in Venice Florida range from 1,500 square feet to 2,500.

1,300 to 1,500 square foot homes like these range from $2,000 to $2,500.

1,500 to 2,000 square foot homes like these range from $2,500 to $3,000








2,000 to 3,000 square foot homes like this home in Heron Creek or the second in Bobcat Trail of North Port range from $2,800 to $4,000.


best florida painter exterior paint job

Heron Creek










bobcat trail north port florida home repaint

Bobcat Trail in North Port










3,000 to 5,000+ square foot homes like this one in Boca Grande range from $6,000 on up.


exterior home repaint best florida painter

Boca Grande, FL



At Burnett Painting, we have the unheard of 9 year material and labor warranty. However, if you are not interested in the 9 year warranty, switching to lower quality paint will save you one to two hundred dollars.

Speaking of warranties, when companies tell you they offer a warranty, ask yourself (or the representative of the company):

1)      Is the warranty in writing?

2)      Is it a certificate signed by the company and the paint manufacturer?

3)      Is your specific address printed on the certificate?

4)      Is the warranty transferable to the next home owner, should you sell?

5)      Is the warranty NON-pro-rated?

For Burnett Painting, the answer to all 5 is a resounding, “YES!”

We suggest, any time you receive an estimate and you are concerned with the price, just ask where the numbers come from. We believe in “win-win” situations. We are not interested in “win-lose” (or draw)! Let’s see, how we can come to a “win-win!” We’ll always be happy to tell you! We are Burnett Painting and we are here to serve you!