Cost For Interior Room Painting 
Small Bathroom 6 x 6*Wall Surface190 Sq Ft$278.00
Ceiling Surface36 Sq Ft$61.00
Door and CasingPer Side$30.00
Baseboard24 Ln Ft$25.00
Small Room 10 x 12*Wall Surface350 Sq ft$358.00
Ceiling Surface120 Sq ft$100.00
Door and CasingPer Side$30.00
Baseboard44 Ln Ft$40.00
Medium Room 12 x 15*Wall Surface430 Sq Ft$465.00
Ceiling Surface180 Sq Ft$120.00
Door and CasingPer Side$30.00
Baseboard 54 Ln Ft$50.00
Large Room 15 x 20*Wall Surface560 Sq Ft$680.00
Ceiling Surface300 Sq Ft$158.00
Door and CasingPer Side$30.00
Baseboard70 Lq Ft$60.00
*All Wall Surfaces are figured for 8′ high ceilings. If you have 10′ high then add 25%
If you have 10′ high ceilings then add 25%.
If you have 12′ high ceilings then add 50%.
If you have 14′ high veilings then add 75%.
All prices include labor and paint.