In person estimates for painting Venice, Florida Home are a must!

In person estimates for painting Venice, Florida Home are a must.

When you are looking for a painter in Venice, Florida, you need to make sure the consultations are being done in person and not over the phone. Aside from the fact that a consultation is more personal in person than over the phone or through email, there is no substitute for seeing a project first hand before giving a precise quote.


For the exterior or interior painting jobs, Venice painters can offer you suggestions based upon the surroundings. Your home may be inside of a gated community with several other homes on your block that look very similar to your own. As a result, your painter may be able to provide you with some ways to set your house apart from the rest with a new paint scheme.


It is hard to offer these kinds of suggestions over the phone. They rely on you telling them everything from what you want to the condition of the surface the paint will be applied to. That’s too much work for you and leaves too many variables open to really give a concise, clear, accurate price.


Paint swatches should be looked at, schemes should be considered, complementary colors should be debated and even the styles of painting should be discussed. All of this cannot be done effectively by email or done over the phone. Painting is a major project for your home and you deserve an in-person consultation for it.


Any painter in Venice, Florida who wants your business should come out to your home and spend some time with you. Especially if you’re clueless to what you want, you should be able to rely on their years of experience and eye for design to offer you guidance in terms of colors, techniques and styles. For the interior, it may be better to go with a two-tone wall. For the outside, it may be better to accent some of your trim with a complementary color.


How would a Florida painter be effective if they are working on what you give them for details over the phone? You get what you pay for, which is an important thing to keep in mind as you choose painters for your home. If they won’t bother to come out to your home to get your business, what will they do if you’re unhappy with the service? What is they give a great price over the phone, but you don’t feel comfortable with them in your home?


It’s possible to save yourself a lot of trouble when it comes to selecting a Venice painter. If they don’t want to give you an in-home consultation, cross them off of your list of possibilities immediately. Then from the ones that do come out for in-home consultations, get a list of questions ready (like warranties offered and scheduled time to paint) and see which makes sense to you. That’s the one that you hire.