When choosing Florida painters, it can be very easy to focus on price alone. While price is important, it’s not the only way that you should be choosing the painter in Venice, Florida. In fact, there are three really good reasons why price isn’t the most important factor in hiring a painter for your home.


1.            Quality Materials Cost Money


When you’re focused on the price that your Venice painter is giving you, you could be sacrificing quality in a number of different areas. The better quality paint costs more money. The estimate that your painter gives you is for labor as well as materials.


Poor quality of paint will lead to a number of dissatisfying results on your home. It could dry as a completely different color than you had hoped for. It could crack or peel. It may also fade much faster than if a better quality paint was used.


2.            Insurance Costs Money


Cheaper prices do not equal savings when hiring a painterIf your Florida painter is too affordable, you may want to think about why they are so much cheaper than the competition. It might be that they have decided to forego the insurance policy that all of the more expensive painters have. If you don’t hire a painter with their own insurance policy, it can cost you a tremendous amount of money if things go wrong or an accident occurs on your property.


The idea of saving money is to actually save you money. If a painter falls off the ladder or breaks your window, that’s a repair that should come out of the insurance policy of your painter in Venice, Florida. No policy means that you’re the one covering the costs – which means your cheap painter isn’t so cheap anymore.


3.            A Warranty is Worth the Cost


A cheap painter in Venice, Florida may offer you a great price. They may even have an insurance policy and be licensed. But that still doesn’t mean everything. A warranty is what you need to consider when hiring a Venice painter. The warranty should provide you with a length of time in years of how long you can look forward to enjoying the exterior painting job.


If the Florida painter doesn’t have a warranty to give you, then the price isn’t worth it. You may end up having to repaint your home in 4 years. That means that you’ve actually paid double of what you should have just by not getting a warranty. Consider that some painters will provide you with a 9 year warranty.


When hiring a painter, price is one factor, but don’t let it be the only factor. You may end up paying dearly in the end for what seemed like a good deal to begin with.