interior repaint costThe interior of your Venice home can look sensational and bring a huge smile to your face with a new coat of paint! When you want to hire a professional, you need to understand the various costs to ensure that you are getting the best price and that they are charging you for everything that you want painted. A quality Florida painter will use the best paints that are on the market to provide you with vivid colors that will give each room in your home the feel you are looking for: calming, energetic, etc.


Just as with everything else, there are variables that will affect the pricing. Interior room painting price quotes will vary based upon the wall surface as well as the size of the room. The higher your ceilings, the more expensive it will be since it involves more labor as well as more paint to cover the surface. Most painters quote based upon 8 foot ceilings.


As you get quotes from a painter, you need to ensure that the price being quoted is inclusive of the labor and the paint. This will prevent you from getting any surprises from your paint bill. Burnett Painting charges $278 for a 6×6 small bathroom. This is considering 190 square feet of wall surface based upon 8 foot ceilings. If the ceilings are higher, the cost will also be higher.


In addition to the actual wall surface, there are other things that can be added based upon the aesthetics you are trying to achieve within the rooms of your home. This includes the ceiling surface, the door and casing, per side as well as the baseboard. You can determine how much you want painted based upon pricing.


Many people choose not to have the door and casings painted because they want them to remain neutral throughout the home. Further, it will only cost $30 per side. If you only want one side of the door painted, you can do that. Should you want both sides of the door painted, either in the same color or a different color, then it would be $60 for the completed project.


The same goes for ceilings. Many people leave their ceilings a very neutral color while painting the rest of the room in a brighter color. This contrast can leave the room looking great while saving you money at the same time. Learning how to cost out interior room painting on your Venice home will allow you to get the look you want and keep it affordable at the same time.


Pricing out a painter can be a very easy task when you choose a painter that is fair with their pricing. The more rooms you need painted and the more area that needs to be covered, the great the cost will be. Everything is based upon a scale, which will be noticeable to you as you get quotes for more and more rooms of your home.


The most important thing to remember when getting a quote is to make sure you and your Venice, Florida licensed painting contractor are clear on what is to be included in the quote and what is not to be painted (this room, but not that, etc). This way, you can ensure a great price and no surprises when the check is due. This is accomplished with us at Burnett Painting by the proposal that is provided by Steve and signed by both parties. Every aspect is laid out as well as the amount due before and after the project is completed. (We ask for half down and half after you are tickled pink with our work.)