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Pick a Color, Any Color…

Question: What color is this? Depending on the screen you are viewing this post from, your answer could be as numerous as the stars! From off white, to beige, to creamy white to yellow, possibly a shade of orange! You know where I’m going right? When choosing to repaint your home, the last thing you    […]

The Benefits of a Community-Involved Painter in Venice, Florida

When you’re shopping around for a Florida painter, it’s important that you choose one that is involved in the community. While it might not seem like a critical aspect to choosing a painter, it can help you experience peace of mind in the job that will be performed. The benefits of finding a painter that    […]

Should My Walls and Ceiling Be the Same Color for My Venice, Florida Home?

Decision time! To paint your walls and ceiling in the same color or to not paint them the same…. That is the questions of the day! It pays to understand the benefits of having them painted the same color versus when it doesn’t work for you. It can also make it easier when a painter    […]

Painting Your Home in Venice, Florida is a Great Summer Project

The sun is blazing, the humidity is thick, and you’re not going to be outside much in mid-summer with whether that Venice, Florida is known for. When you turn around and look at your home, are you happy with its appearance? If you’re not, exterior painting in Venice, Florida can make for a great summer    […]

Why it is Best to Have a Professional Paint Your Venice, Florida Home?

The look and feel of your Venice home is dramatically affected by the paint job that is performed on your home – internally or externally. When you want your house to put its best foot forward, you need to hire a professional because they will be able to access more of your home and use    […]

Happy New Year from Burnett Painting!

Happy New Year!!   Phew! Did you do it? Did you accomplish your goals for 2011?  What do you want in the new year financially? Physically? Relationship-wise? Family-wise? Spiritually? Socially? Mentally? Let’s make some goals for 2012! We have a goal to continue to give to  Pregnancy Solutions this year. Did you know that you are a    […]

Love the One Your With! (aka, the painting of your Florida home)

Whether you just moved into your home and it doesn’t have the sparkle you were hoping for or your home has just started to lose its sheen, you can avoid a humdrum looking house. A Florida painter will be able to provide you with a new coat of paint that will breathe new life into    […]

Burnett Painting Says Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May God bless you all with peace, love,  joy, and prosperity now and in the new year! I’m thankful we can say that. 🙂 Cartoon provided by Bearman Cartoons.

North Port, Florida Painter answers: What do the blue lights mean at intersections?

You may have noticed some stop lights now have brilliant blue lights underneath them. What does this light mean? It is good to know, since it may save you a ticket and a hefty fine! Considering going through the yellow light? Be ware! The brilliant blue lights underneath red lights are indicators to the authorities    […]