It’s a Match Made in Heaven When Painting in Punta Gorda, Florida!

It’s a Match Made in Heaven When Painting in Punta Gorda, Florida!

Standing indoors with some pieces of paper that have the colors that you want for your home can seem like a straightforward way to match the different colors for the exterior of your home. However, when it is actually applied to your house, you may be a little disappointed. Part of the reason for this is because sunlight and artificial light produce very different color variations. When you want to match colors, there are a few guidelines to follow.


First, decide whether you are trying to match the colors of your new paint to the existing colors of your home or if you are going with completely different colors.


If you are matching to the existing color of your home, again, you have options. The best choice is if you have left over paint with a label on it; then you will know for certain the color will be an exact match! If you don’t have that option, see if there is any peeling going on, the professional painter may just take a sample to the paint store and match it perfectly, which is a really slick process!


If you are choosing brand new colors, your professional painter can give you a fan deck to take out with you during different times of the day (for different lighting); you can also match colors this way, but there is less of a guarantee the colors will be precisely the same. If you are satisfied with the colors chosen that way, you can run with it and order up the paint or get samples of your choices and apply small sections to the exterior to see which you like best. Either way, you will want to look and see if a spot needs to be cleaned off first before taking a sample or applying a sample as dirt will make the color look darker.


It is always good to go out on a sunny day and check the color. Sometimes the color is your favorite when in early morning, but not in bright mid-day sunshine. The different variations in the sunlight will determine if you really like the color or not. Also keep in mind that not all brands offer the same colors or even look the same.


A Punta Gorda, Florida painter can save you a lot of time, money, and aggravation by working with you on the perfect match. They typically deal with one or two brands (Benjamin Moore is the best, hands down, in our opinion) so they understand what colors work the best with each other and they understand how they respond in the Florida sun. This means the advice you get from them will save you a lot of agony with matching paint swatches.


Painters in Venice, Florida have the experience you need to get the best looking home possible while making it a fun process. If you’re stressed about your painting project and matching colors, call your favorite Punta Gorda painter and he’ll be happy to help!