An ounce in prevention is worth a pound of cure in painting your Venice, Florida home

An ounce in prevention is worth a pound of cure in painting your Venice, Florida home!

Whether you are painting the walls inside of your home or the exterior of your house, there is a significant amount of prep work that needs to be done. This ensures that the paint color that you choose goes on smoothly, turns out to be the color you intended, and that the paint lasts for as long as it should. Failure to do proper prep work can result in the wrong colors or peeling paint chips. Hiring a Florida painter will eliminate all of that.


Start with looking at the interior of your home. If you have wallpaper, it needs to come down before the paint goes up. Depending upon how long the wallpaper has been in place and how it was affixed, it could take quite a while to take down. It could also leave a different texture on the wall which will need to be corrected before you can start painting.


Next, look at surfaces you may want to protect from paint by taping them off with painter’s plastic or a nice tarp. Taping is time consuming and tarps can get expensive; when I think of doing either of these two things, my next thought is, “When can we schedule our craftsman to do our painting?”


Even with the exterior painting, there are a lot of preparations to be made. This includes cleaning the stucco so that the surface is free of dirt and chipping paint. If preparation is not done properly, it could make the paint job look older than it is or prevent the paint form lasting as long as it should.


Again, with exterior painting projects, there will be surfaces or items that you wish to not have paint on them like bushes, for example. When you hire a painter in Venice Florida, you can ensure that all surfaces needing paint will be painted to perfection and all surfaces you don’t want painted will be protected.


When you hire a professional Florida painter, you can sigh with relief as they will do all of the prep work to prepare the surfaces. The work that they complete will look like new because they have prepared the surfaces in the correct way. This is for their benefit as well as yours. Otherwise the paint may not look satisfactory, the paint may fail, and the painting would have to be done all over again.


The price that you are quoted by a Venice Florida painter includes all of the prep work. This means that you don’t have to worry about a thing. What may take you weeks to prepare and hundreds of dollars in supplies you’ll only use once, will take a professional painter much less time and be more cost effective. You can just sit back and watch or go do something you enjoy while you rest assured your home is in good hands.


All of the preparations for painting are done with painstaking accuracy when you hire a professional Venice painter. As you are looking for painters in the area, find out how each of them prepares the surface so that you can separate the good painters from the best.


When all is said and done, the prep work will pay off because your painter will ensure that your home looks stunning and the paint will last a long time.