how to hire a painting contractor

The POWER of power-washing your house painting project

If pictures are worth a thousand words, what does this say to you? From eww…to wow!! This is a recent home we pressure washed in North Port, FL for customers of ours. Guess what? I took one look at the photo from google maps street view and said, “We are going to pressure wash the    […]

Painting and Decorating Contractors of America – is your contractor a member?

When hiring a contractor for your home, you may want to consider if they are involved in their trade association as a member. The Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) is the trade association that we as Burnett Painting are proud to be a member. So, what? (You may be asking) While being a    […]

Did You Make Any Painting New Year Resolutions?

2014 is well under way; did you make any new year resolutions? How are they coming along? Did you add any remodeling and painting or home decorating new years resolutions? There are generally 5 categories of resolutions: 1) health/fitness 2) relationship/family 3) business/career 4) spiritual/mental/emotional 5) home improvements Did you include a goal in each    […]

Venice, Florida Painting Company – ‘Paint It Forward’ Charity Project needs nominations!

Do you know someone who is in need of having their home painted, but may not be able to afford it? At Burnett 1-800-PAINTING, we love to help those in need and are looking for your nominations to do just that! It’s as easy and clicking this link: Paint It Forward Nomination Form. It will    […]

Q: Is there an industry standard for painting contractors?

                        This is a great question! The answer is, “Yes!”The name of the industry standard is our trade association: Painting and Decorating Contractors of America or PDCA for short. Looking for a painting contractor? When hiring a painting company, you’ll want to ask if    […]

How to Compare Painting Contractors in Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota painters are as different as the houses throughout the area. Choosing a painter can mean the difference between getting a great looking home that lasts many years and getting a home that looks older in a short amount of time. When talking about a spending money to paint your home, it is always a    […]

What You Don’t Know About Your Sarasota, Florida Painter Can Hurt Your Home

Research is a very good thing when it comes to choosing a Florida painter. If you fail to ask some important details about your painter, you may end up hurting your home in a number of ways. Every painter has their own way of doing things. However, by arming yourself with some facts, you can    […]

Love the One Your With! (aka, the painting of your Florida home)

Whether you just moved into your home and it doesn’t have the sparkle you were hoping for or your home has just started to lose its sheen, you can avoid a humdrum looking house. A Florida painter will be able to provide you with a new coat of paint that will breathe new life into    […]

Hire a North Port, Florida Painting Contractor Without Going to Judge Judy Later

It might be tempting to let a friend paint your house, especially if they need the money and you are looking at ways to save some money. However, you need a professional Florida painter to paint your house because they understand the needs of your stucco as well as how to navigate around the various    […]