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Exterior Painting of Home Adds the Weight of a Small Dolphin!

What a fun fact! When painting the exterior of your home, you add the weight of a small Bottle-nose Dolphin to your house! How did we come up with that? Here’s the breakdown of the math behind that statement: When using Benjamin Moore paint and sealer, the average home in Venice, Florida will take 7 gallons of    […]

Choosing a Florida Home Painter: Questions to ask during the estimate

You’ve decided that it’s time to paint the outside of your home. Either the paint has failed (meaning the color has faded or is starting to chalk), there are cracks along the stucco, or you just want a completely different color. Regardless of why you want your home painted, you must now choose a painter    […]

How to Choose a Painter for Your Home in North Port, Florida

There are a lot of painters in the Venice, Florida area that can paint the exterior of your home. So, how do you choose the right one? You need to check for credentials, their quality of work, and find out about pricing. Only after you meet with several painters and find out this information should    […]

A Simple Way to Make Any Home Repaint Last Longer in Punta Gorda, Florida

As you know, the exterior of your home needs to be maintained so that it continues looking great long after you’ve actually had it painted. You can hire the best Venice, Florida painter in town to apply the paint, but if you don’t clean it frequently and take care of the exterior, the Florida elements    […]

Exterior Home Paint Fading in Venice, Florida?

The exterior of your Florida home goes through a lot. Over one hundred degrees of the hot sun beats down on it every single day in the summer time. Hard rains, hurricane winds, and much more can also affect the paint on your home. A Venice painter can only do so much for the conditions,    […]

Add Color Depth to Your Venice, Florida Home With Painting Your Garage Door

Your home can be any color that you want it to be, so you have a very large spectrum to choose from. When you have garage doors, they are most often painted in the same color as the house or as the trim. This is fine, but then you want to add color depth to    […]