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How to Paint Your Home’s Exterior like a Pro.

How to Paint Your Home’s Exterior like a Pro. Kill or be killed – this could be the motto when you are trying to paint your home’s exterior.  The main goal of an exterior painting renovation should be for the finished project to be more perfect and stunning than how it started.  Basically, an exterior house painting project    […]

Things You Must Know When Painting Your Home’s Exterior

House painting should be done professionally because it not only preserves your house, but beautifies it.  Exterior home painting gives your house its final appearance while also adding value.  It is very important for a home owner to carry out thorough research on how to paint your home’s exterior.  You need to be sure about the    […]

Exterior Painting of Home Adds the Weight of a Small Dolphin!

What a fun fact! When painting the exterior of your home, you add the weight of a small Bottle-nose Dolphin to your house! How did we come up with that? Here’s the breakdown of the math behind that statement: When using Benjamin Moore paint and sealer, the average home in Venice, Florida will take 7 gallons of    […]

Exterior Home Painting Requires Different Technique from Interior Painting

You found a great Florida painter to paint the interior of your home. He or she did such a good job that you now want to hire him or her to paint the outside of your home. Before you go through with it, make sure they are equally experienced with interior painting as with exterior    […]

North Port, Florida Painter Finds a Very Funny Answer to a Very Common Question!

During the estimate, it is very often I am asked, “do you spray” or do you use a “sprayer”. NO we do not and they are releived as they had visions of overspray covering their bushes, windows, cars, and possibly themselves!   This cartoon is too funny. This “painter” doesn’t need the help of a sprayer to    […]