Paint sprayers advertise that they make your life easier. But easier and better aren’t always synonymous…especially when it comes to stucco. Stucco can vary from home to home. Some stucco homes have a lot of raised stucco, which can be troublesome to paint with a paint sprayer. When you are interviewing a Florida painter to paint your home, it’s important to find out how they plan on painting your home.


Brush and roller are the way to go when painting a home in Venice, Florida

Brush and roller are the way to go when painting a home in Venice, Florida.

A Venice, Florida painter that isn’t familiar with stucco may very well decide to use a paint sprayer. The coverage won’t be the same as with a painter who chooses to use a roller and brush because the sprayer can’t get in between all of the nooks and crannies of the stucco as effectively as a roller.


At quick glance, your home may look great. But when you get up close, you will see that there are huge differences in color because the spray was uneven or, especially, because didn’t get into all aspects of the stucco. You deserve the very best for your home, therefore it pays to find out how a painter plans to paint your home before they show up for the job.


You can often tell how a painter will paint your home based on the price they quote you. Those who use paint sprayers will charge significantly less money. This is because it takes less time and uses less paint. Sounds great, but it doesn’t provide the quality that you are looking for on the exterior of your home.


It’s worth it to spend a little extra up front, than thousands more later on a painter in that will actually use a roller and brush to paint the exterior of your home. It will provide you with a more even coverage to give your home the new look you’re paying for. Most importantly, it will use more paint, ensuring that you get the color you were expecting, not to mention the full protection that paint provides and stucco needs.


Stucco is very different than other types of homes. A paint sprayer may work on interior walls and even on exterior wood, but stucco is textured. Any professional painter that is used to the Florida heat as well as stucco, will understand that paint sprayers and stucco don’t mix. While it is more expensive, the outcome will be well worth it.


No matter how fancy the paint sprayer is, it won’t provide the same results as the manual labor of a paint brush and roller. Rub your hand along the outside of your home and you will understand just how the texture plays into the paint coverage. The more paint used, one can guarantee all of the dimensions of the stucco are painted and covered properly.


If your painter shows up with a sprayer, unless they are just painting the soffits and gutters, send them on their way. Better yet, make sure you ask about their techniques before you even hire them. A painter in Venice, Florida should understand how to paint the stucco of your home, but you can never be too sure. Since you want your home to look great, it’s worth asking the question when you’re interviewing painters.