Cracks and holes in stucco are breeding zones for mildew and mold.

Cracks and holes in stucco are breeding zones for mildew and mold.

It can be scary to see mold or mildew growing along the side of your home on the stucco. When hiring a professional painter, you can be sure that your stucco will be inspected and any mold or mildew issues addressed before painting as they must use some preventative measures in the painting process.


You can control the environment of mold and mildew if you know some of the ways to prevent their growth. On the outside of your home, moisture may be trapped along the side of your home, making it the ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow. There are some suggestions on how to reduce the possibility of mold and mildew including redirecting your sprinklers to avoid your house getting wet when the sun goes down to repairing any leaky gutters.


Some attention to your landscaping may also be suggested by a Venice painter. The sun can dry out your home in most cases, but if the sun can’t get to the side of your home, that can be problematic. Trimming your landscaping to allow air to circulate through to the side of your house is important. Even doing some trimming of hanging tree limbs can help.


When you meet with several painters for the exterior painting in Venice, ask them what kind of measures they take for prevention of mold and mildew. Many will use a treatment before applying the paint to ensure that you don’t have mold or mildew sneaking up on the stucco of your home. This extra step goes a long way in making your home look beautiful for a long time after the painter leaves.


Not all Venice painters will focus on mold and mildew prevention. Asking the various painters during the consultation process will allow you to separate the professionals from the amateurs. Because of the amount of rainfall that Florida experiences, these are common issues that are dealt with by a number of homeowners.


Painting over mold and mildew won’t solve the issue. The Florida painter must first treat the issue then your home properly. By hiring a professional who can address all your issues, you can rest assured your home is protected against mold and mildew and have a great looking home!