Professional Venice, Florida House Painter

Pressure washing is one necessary task to perform before you paint the exterior of your house. However, the stucco needs to be prepared so that it is ready to accept the fresh coat of paint that a Florida painter will apply. When you want to make sure that the paint comes out as the right color, doesn’t peel or chalk later on, you cannot rely solely on a pressure washer to do all of the work.


However, every piece of your property that is going to be painted must be cleaned and dried properly first. Peeling paint must be dealt with on the stucco, the garage door and even the front door. If a paint brush or roller is going to touch the surface of anything, it must first be power washed.


Each home throughout Venice and the surrounding areas seem to be a little different when it comes to the stucco surface. The stucco on the side of your home may be fairly smooth or very rough. The degree of how porous the stucco is varies, too. As a result, the pressure washer will only get you so far.


When you hire a Florida painter, they will use a pressure washer first. This will take care of a lot of the issues, including twigs, dirt and loose paint. However, they will also inspect the surface to see if there additional problems like chalking paint. Enter onto the scene: caulk, sealer, and primer! Once the surface of the house is dry, there may be some prep work such as caulking, sealing, and then priming before the paint even goes on the house!


Painting the exterior of your home is important, not just for aesthetics, but for the protection of your stucco. Therefore, preparation is even more important. A pressure washer is just one of the tools used by a professional Venice painter. Other tools are the caulk, sealer, primer, and then the paint!