Choosing exterior paint color is the hard part. Now let’s get to the easy part! Choosing a paint brand: aren’t all exterior house paint brands the same? No!


There have been a lot of strides in paint quality over the years. The color will last longer with today’s formulas than they did 10 years ago. That doesn’t mean that they are completely immune to the Florida sun, though. When you hire a Florida painter that has a great warranty, they will help you out immensely by helping you choose the right colors and the best quality paint.


So what makes the paint brands different? It is their titanium dioxide count and solids count. Let me explain. Titanium dioxide is the purest white. You want a high titanium dioxide count which will keep your home from fading as it reflects light instead of absorbing it. Benjamin Moore Regal line has the largest count than any other paint by far. Interestingly, titanium dioxide is used in a lot of things from the white paint on the tennis court as lines to make-up! There is even a new study that when used with Florescent lights, kills bacteria!


Best House Paint Available in Venice, FloridaAnother thing to remember is the solids content. The more solids your paint has, the thicker it is and the harder to apply—HOWEVER—the longer it will last, too! Benjamin Moore Regal has 43% solids compared to 20% in Behr.


You don’t need to be a scientist or do the research yourself, but you can! You can also trust the advice given to you by a professional painter in Venice, Florida who gives you a warranty. They know what they do and the best products to use so that you don’t end up painting your house every few years because of fading.


As any professional house painter will tell you, the Florida sun will play an important deciding factor that will ultimately affect not only the colors that you choose, but the paint brand. If you want to make sure that your paint stays the hue that you choose, you need to think about which paint brand to apply to your home.