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Why would paint peel after two years? It won’t if you hire Burnett 1-800-PAINTING!

WOW! Steve and I saw this chamber member who rightfully won a Venice Area Beautification award two years ago for repainting and sprucing up this building – it looked great! But look at it now. I feel for them for three reasons: 1) they are going to have to go through the hassle of repainting    […]

Tired of Your Home? Paint It a New Southwest Florida Color!

Take a drive down the streets of your neighborhood and you can probably see a dozen different colors of homes – and possibly even more. When you get tired of the exterior of your home, you can paint it a new color to help breathe in new life and make it look new again. The    […]

Coordinate Your Pillars with the Exterior of Your Florida Home

Many Venice, Florida homes have stunning pillars that act as beacons to the entrance of your home. They could be cylindrical or rectangular, but most homes have them. They’re always painted one color or another, but you could be missing out on some design elements to your home if they’re painted in a very neutral    […]

What Type of Paint Brush Should I Use on Interior and Exterior Home In Venice, Florida?

  So you’re ready to paint your home? Hopefully, if you’re outdoors, you’ll have some Florida sunshine. And whether you’re painting the interior or exterior, you’ll need the right tools. Of course, you’ll be using rollers, but the good old fashioned brush will still be an important part of your tool kit because that is    […]