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Venice, Florida Burnett Painting Interior Testimonial

I had Burnett Painting in my house for a week, doing wonderful week.  They re-did my cabinets in both my bathroom and kitchen and as you can see by the pictures that you’ll see online, they are gorgeous.  Gary, his worker, is fabulous.  He cleans up after himself and does excellent work.  I could recommend    […]

Painter in Venice, Florida Testimonial from Floyd Holloway

I’m Floyd Holloway fromVenice Florida living in the Plantation area.  Steve Burnett of Burnett Painting did a part of my interior house and it was a very good job.  I would strongly recommend them.  

The Scott’s in Punta Gorda Isles Give Burnett Painting Video Testimonial

Hello, we’re the Scott’s from Punta Gorda Isles and we hired the Burnett’s Painting Company to repaint our entire condo.  He came highly recommended, he had a wonderful personality, he crew was very professional, they did the job extremely well, we have no complaints and we would highly recommend Burnett Painting.

Carol Smith of Port Charlotte, Florida Gives Video Testimonial for Burnett Painting

Good morning, I’m Carol Smith and I live in Port Charlotte.  I have had the pleasure of having Burnett, Steve and his company, come and do painting in my master bedroom.  And I’m so happy; he’s going to do my whole house now.  So I suggest him, I recommend him and if he gives you    […]

Find a Great Painter in Venice, Florida

There are many painters in the Venice, Florida area, so how do you find the best for your home? It will take some time and thought, but it won’t take as long as you think and you’ll be much happier with the results and have peace of mind. You’ll want to: make a list of    […]

Punta Gorda, Florida Painting testimonial for Burnett Painting

Hello, my name is Frank Malone and I live here in Punt Gorda Isles. I was very fortunate to be referred to Burnett Painting who painted my whole house on the outside. They did a wonderful job of painting, cleaning up and just an excellent paint job. I’m very very happy and I’d recommend him    […]

Englewood, Florida Painting Testimonial for Burnett Painting

Watch the video!   Hello, I’m Nat Sciacca and I’m here in Englewood Florida and I had Steve Burnett do some painting for me and I was very, very pleased… I would hire him anytime, and hope you would too.  Thank you.  

Interior and Exterior Painting Testimonial for Burnett Painting in SW Florida

Watch the video! I recommend Steve for your painting job.  He does a very good, quality work.  He’s reliable, he shows up on time, and everything he has done for us has been excellent.    

Exterior Painting North Port, Florida: Burnett Painting Testimonial

Watch the video! Hey, this is Tom LaConte and I’m just saying a few things about Steve and Burnett Painting.  They do an excellent job, they take care of everything and the price is what they say it will be in the end.  They clean up after themselves.  They are not just a production painter,    […]