There are many painters in the Venice, Florida area, so how do you find the best for your home? It will take some time and thought, but it won’t take as long as you think and you’ll be much happier with the results and have peace of mind. You’ll want to: make a list of painting companies, check out the credentials of a few painters, check out testimonials from past clients, and get 3 quotes.


internet search for best florida painterUnless you know someone who just got their home painted and it looks amazing, you’ll want to do a little research to find the right painter in Venice. An internet search will provide you with at least a dozen painters and then you can start to narrow down the possibilities from there.


Make sure that the painters you’re looking at have experience with the outside of the home. There are painters who may specialize in repainting only interiors or only exteriors. Painting drywall is very different from painting stucco. The paint is different, the absorption rate is different, and so are the brushes. If you want your home to look fantastic, then you need experience in the right place.


Find out who is licensed and insured out of that group that you have selected. If any of the painters are not licensed or not insured, cross them off the list immediately. Painters who are proud of and stand behind their work will be licensed and insured. You want professionals to take care of your home.


Ask for samples of their work. The painters will provide you with photographs, addresses or phone numbers to show off their work. Take a good look at them and follow up with the phone numbers provided. They may even have video testimonials from raving fans. This way you can find out of the homeowners still love the paint job. Look to ensure that the coverage is even across the house and that there are no other colors visible in any of the areas.


Make sure to have a few people come out and give you quotes. While you don’t want to go with the most expensive option out there, you may not necessarily want to go with the cheapest, either. If there is a painter that is undercutting the competition by a significant amount of money, there’s usually a reason for it – inexperience or poor quality paint and they probably won’t be in business much longer. You want to avoid all three.


There are plenty of different painters out there but you need to make sure your home looks great. Some painters will offer guarantees on the quality of the paint. This can help you get the most time out of the paint job. Otherwise, you could be looking at the whole process every 3-5 years.


Adding paint to the exterior of your home requires a certain level of skill. This skill is refined through years of experience. As long as you’re prepared to ask a few questions and take your time in the search, you can find a great painter for your Venice, Florida home.