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Exterior Paint: Painting With a Purpose

Steve and I were on the road and I said, “Ooo! Can we please stop and take a picture of these buildings? I’ve got to blog about them! They are so ugly!” (Note: opinions expressed what that of my own personal opinion.) Steve kindly turned around so I could stop and take photos. What you    […]

How to Compare Painting Contractors in Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota painters are as different as the houses throughout the area. Choosing a painter can mean the difference between getting a great looking home that lasts many years and getting a home that looks older in a short amount of time. When talking about a spending money to paint your home, it is always a    […]

Decorate your home in Punta Gorda like a sugar cookie with unique paint!

There’s a common term used throughout the housing industry: cookie cutter. No matter how beautiful some of the homes in the gated communities are, they can end up looking like they came out of a cookie cutter because builders use the same few floor plans and the same shades of paint for everyone in the    […]

More Than Just a Southwest Florida Painter

Hello! This article is written by Steve’s wife today, me! (aka, April Burnett) How cool is it to know that your painting contractor is involved in more than just his business? I am so proud of my husband for many reasons and this is definitely one of them. On a warm, non-humid day in November    […]

Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Painter in Venice, Florida

You don’t want just anyone with a can of paint and a paint brush to paint your Venice, Florida home. You should check out the painter’s credentials ahead of time so that you can guarantee that your home looks great when they’re done. After all, this is your home we’re talking about and you don’t    […]