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Exterior Painting of Home Adds the Weight of a Small Dolphin!

What a fun fact! When painting the exterior of your home, you add the weight of a small Bottle-nose Dolphin to your house! How did we come up with that? Here’s the breakdown of the math behind that statement: When using Benjamin Moore paint and sealer, the average home in Venice, Florida will take 7 gallons of    […]

Is a painting proposal or quote for my Venice, Florida Home important to get in writing?

Yes! Hiring a Florida painter can be fairly easy. Once they come out to your home, they give you a quote for free. After you get enough quotes, you have enough information to make a decision and hire a painter in Venice, Florida to paint your home. However, the warranty and the price quotes should    […]

More Than Just a Southwest Florida Painter

Hello! This article is written by Steve’s wife today, me! (aka, April Burnett) How cool is it to know that your painting contractor is involved in more than just his business? I am so proud of my husband for many reasons and this is definitely one of them. On a warm, non-humid day in November    […]

Venice, Florida Painter Has Got His Sheen On

    It is that time of year again, time to channel your inner Picasso, or maybe better yet, thumb through your local yellow pages to find a painter. Either way, before you begin, you must have an idea or concept as to what you really want on your walls, ceilings, trim, and occasionally floors.    […]