So, you have a plan to paint your room! There are some crucial points that you should consider before you start contacting Interior Paint Color Ideasthe panting professionals. Rollers and paint brushes are obviously an important view point but the most important thing is, obviously, the paint. Choosing the right type of paint is most critical since it ensures that your painting project works successfully and eventually it will make the interior of your home look more pleasant. 

If you feel little confused in selecting the right interior paint below is the most helpful interior painting tips & techniques and how to understand what you need:

Choose the Right Finish for Ceilings and Walls:

If you want to give your ceilings and walls a vibrant look, you should try flat finish paints. Ceilings and walls of living areas, like dining room, living room, etc., are prone to receiving dust and air pressure and flat paints will withstand all weather conditions and  are also long lasting. Different finishes (flat, matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss) reflect different amounts of light. If you do not want any light reflection use a flat or matte finish (typical on ceilings and on walls when used with the proper lighting conditions). For a small amount of light reflection use an eggshell finish (typical on walls). Keep in mind that surface imperfections will be highlighted with a glossier finish (one that reflects more light). If you are confused ask a professional, like Burnett 1-800 PAINTING, for help in choosing the right finish that will work best with your lighting and surface conditions.

Water Based Latex Paint:

It is a great idea to use water based latex paint for virtually any space in your home. Latex paint is durable and can be cleaned easily. It is also quick drying and can withstand all weather conditions. However, before making any purchases it is a good idea to try a sample of the paint that you wish to buy. You can try a sample of your desired color on a small space before painting the entire wall to make sure it is really the color that you want, some paints may look different when dry or when seen in different shades of light.

Oil Based Paints for Outside Walls:

Oil based, or alkyd, paint is good to use on exterior walls and doors. Although, oil based paints do not dry quickly, they are more durable than other water based paints.

Don’t be Fooled by Cheap Prices:

Once you have decided on a particular paint color for your interior wall, you need to estimate how much paint your project will require. You should never be fooled by cheap prices of the paint, always prioritize the quality. However, if you want to change the existing color scheme of your interior walls, then it’s better to purchase first the smallest amount of paint and apply it on the surface at least a few feet square. This way you can actually know how the paint appears when it is completely dry.

You can then measure and make an estimation of how much paint you will need.