Quick Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle During the Holidays

You can dramatically improve your home décor in just a weekend or even a day by applying interior wall coatings. This type of home remodeling project is even affordable during the gift giving season!
Here are some quick tips and suggestions on how to paint interior walls to create a festive atmosphere for the Interior Paint Buying Guideholidays.

Pay Attention to the Lighting:

Have you ever noticed light boxes inside your local paint store? These boxes are for viewing paint chips in natural light, which shows the actual color, as opposed to synthetic light which can skew the shade slightly. Lighting plays an important role in giving your wall a vibrant look. Incandescent light brings out warm and yellow tones and fluorescent lighting provides a sharp blue note. So, you can give your interior a bright and empowering look by applying strong color on all walls that are next to windows. It could also be effective when used as an accent wall with indirect lighting.  During the holidays, you should use accent lights to adjust the shade in different areas of your rooms.

Try Adding a Bit of Sparkle This Season:

If you are looking to add elegance and visual interest to a more formal room (such as your dining room) why not let your ceilings sparkle. By applying a glitter finish transparent topcoat, the tiny sparkle specks will catch the light, adding a soft twinkle to ceilings, walls, and furniture.

Concentrate on the Texture:

You can integrate texture into a space for added interest and appeal. Wall textures can offer depth and warmth, especially when you are working with a monochromatic or single color scheme. It is very easy to provide the already painted surface with a subtle interest and 3D appearance by adding a bead board or painted wall coverings.