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When is the Best Time of Year to Paint the Exterior of My Home in Sarasota, FL?

If you are a Florida transplant or one of our winter residents, you have been trained to think in terms of “seasons” for exterior household maintenance. Since we don’t get snow – the last time was in 1953– and below-freezing weather is rarely an issue, the winter is typically thought to be the best time    […]

Local Exterior Residential Painting Company Horror Story to Learn From

What’s in a price? Is it too high? too low? As a home owner, it’s hard to tell. The best thing to do, is get a few estimates and compare them. The best place to find a reputable painter in Venice, Fl is to ask your neighbors, go to the local chamber of commerce, and    […]

Avoid the Florida Sun’s Damage By Selecting an Experienced Exterior Home Painter

The Florida sun is good for many things, but it is hard on exterior house paint. If it can turn a tourist bright red in a single afternoon, just think what it can do to the exterior paint of your home. A good paint is like a layer of sunscreen – it will protect your    […]

Accept Only the Best Painter in Venice, Florida

Saving money is one of my (April’s) favorite things to do! However, I have learned not to cut corners when it comes to having things done on our home and other projects. “You get what you pay for” is not only a common saying, but it is also very, very true! Don’t we all have    […]

Cracking paint looks great on nails, but not your Punta Gorda, Florida home!

If you’ve ever gone into a paint store or down the paint aisle of any home improvement store, you know that there are a lot of choices to be made. There are different types of paint, different styles of brushes and much more. It takes a professional Florida painter to know the difference between each    […]

Painter of Venice, Florida Receives Video Testimonial

  Length:  1:08   Tim:  Hi, I’m Tim Higgins.   Sally:  And I’m Sally Higgins.   Tim:  And we’re from Venice Florida.   Sally:  And we had Burnett Painting come by and do the exterior of our house.  They did a wonderful job; we were very, very pleased with the outcome.  They were always on    […]

Painter of Venice, Florida Receives Video Testimonial

Watch the video! I’m Lynn Mitz, I live in Venice and I’ve had a great experience with Burnett Painting, they do a very professional job.