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What Sheen To Use When Repainting Home

When repainting your home, you’ll want to think about color, of course, but also the sheen of the paint. The sheen is just a fancy word for how glossy your paint will look once dried. Below is a screenshot off my iPhone using the awesome Benjamin Moore app (found on the here) discussing sheen:      […]

Professional Sarasota, Florida Painter – Clean Cut Lines from the beginning!

Have you ever noticed this? At the symphony, before they begin the show, one violin or another instrument plays a distinct note and holds it while the rest of the orchestra tunes themselves to that note. Steve and I were at the Venice Symphony on Saturday and while this was happening, I turned to him    […]

Benjamin Moore helps you choose your home repaint colors!

Benjamin Moore’s site is fantastic! One of the many helpful features is their Explore Color: Rooms by Color section where you choose the type of room you want to view, and then they show you a great selection of ideas to get your ideas flowing. Simply go to, choose Explore Color, Color Gallary, then    […]