My Exterior Looks Faded, Should I Repaint?

The fact is that the exterior paint on our homes takes a beating from being exposed to the elements all year.  This is even worse in coastal areas where salt plays a part in damaging paint and in areas where there are pollutants in the air that can stick to exterior paint.  All of these things can cause the average home to look chalky, faded, and downright unappealing after some time.

Of course, the problem is that faded, chalky, and peeling paint just isn’t very attractive. This becomes an even bigger issue when it is time to prepare a home for the market.  Fortunately, a new paint job will cure many woes and cover a myriad of sins!  In fact, a new coat of paint can add some pretty dramatic value to any home if the job is done right and the colors are chosen well.

Use the Right Kind of Paint for the Job

The fact is that not all exterior paints are created equal, and some types of paint are better for exposed outdoor areas than others.  It used to be that enamel and oil based paints were very popular but in recent decades acrylic paints have undergone some significant developments in terms of durability, color fastness, strength, and finish.  Modern day acrylic paints are now highly suitable for exterior painting, as long as a premium quality brand is chosen.

Of course, there are a number of factors that must be considered when looking to paint the exterior of a home, including:

  • Climate: Before repainting, think about what sort of weather the new paint will be exposed to long term.  Do you live in an arid climate or a coastal climate?  Are there pollutants in the air that could damage the paint?  This will information will help determine the type and quality of paint you end up buying.
  • Timing: Knowing your climate will also inform you of the best time to paint.  Any quality paint needs time to not only become dry to the touch but to cure.  Paint may only take a few hours to be dry to the touch, but it can take a lot longer to actually cure properly so that it is tough and durable.  As paint cures, the gases in the solvent escape from the paint layer. This leaves behind a much more durable, chemically bonded layer of paint.  It is no good painting the exterior of your home if you are expecting some rainy days or even extremely humid days in your area.
  • Quality: The truth is that better quality paint always lasts longer and is more durable than cheaper paint.  You may be able to buy more cheap paint for your money, but it is usually better to buy a better quality paint that will last longer.
  • Preparation: Before painting the exterior of your home, always remember to thoroughly sand away any old peeling and flaking paint. It is also important to wash down the area before painting, as paint does not stick well to dirty or grubby surfaces.

Why Not Hire a Professional?

There’s certainly no shame in hiring a professional painter to get the job done if you are lacking in time or just don’t have the tools or experience.  In the end, they will do a better job, faster and with a better looking finish.