Ideas for Repainting Your Florida Beach Condo

There’s nowhere quite like the beach and nothing quite like a lovely beach condo. Of course, while any home by the beach can be luxurious all on its own, if you want to truly impress friends and family alike, you might want to give your place a bit of a makeover. These painting and decorating ideas can help make your condo come alive like never before!


A Lasting Look

First thing’s first, whatever you decide on the aesthetic end of things, you want this paint job to last. You definitely don’t want to see that paint start to chip and flake away after just a few weeks or months. As such, you’ll want to research different paint types to see which are hardiest. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are overall well-regarded paint producers.

Color Is Key

When it comes to painting your condo, both inside and outside, color is absolutely crucial. Certain color schemes work better in certain areas. Needless to say, a somber black tone just doesn’t quite feel “beachy!” If you really want to go for an open, airy feel then white – or something similar, like lighter eggshell or cream colors – is the way to go. The same may be said for sea-themed colors. While you may not want to paint an entire room sea blue or aqua green, their use as highlights can add a nice tropical, exotic flair to your home without overdoing it. Color combos, like airy white and cool sea blue, can make a big difference in successfully evoking a feeling of the seashore in your own home decor.

Elegance in Simplicity

The phrase “less is more” is credited to the great poet Robert Browning. In architectural design and home decor, you start to see it crop up around the middle of the 20th century. Whatever its origins, the fact remains that a minimalist design might be just the thing to help your beach condo stand out. That may seem a bit paradoxical at first, but think about it for a moment. At a time when more and more people are trying to cram every little knick-knack they can into their home or deck it out in a wide array of colors, what better way to make your paint job and home decor stand out than by going with something more simple?

While it’s not exactly a “beach book,” in Hamlet, Polonius famously instructs his son Laertes to be “rich, not gaudy.” Likewise, the ideal paint job for your beach condo, both in terms of its exterior and interior, should be understated yet eye-catching and not resort to such bright colors or drastic color schemes as to become an eyesore. Design trends come and go, but elegant simplicity is timeless.

Texture Matters

Finally, there’s the little matter of texture. Too often people think only about the durability or color of a paint without considering its texture. However, the texture of your paint can make a big difference, too sleek and your walls might feel a bit too bright and reflective. Of course, paint which feels too rough or heavy can give your home a rougher, inelegant feel. You ideally want to strike a balance.

All this and more can help ensure that your beach condo looks and feels like paradise inside and out!