The Best Paint Colors to Use When You’re Trying to Sell a HomeWhen you’re trying to sell your home, you want everything to look perfect. If there’s a faucet that is broken, you will want to fix it. If the carpet is dirty, you will  want to get it professionally cleaned. When you consider the paint colors you are using, both inside and out, it may seem that choosing neutral colors throughout the home makes the most sense but this is not necessarily the best thing to do. Each area of the home has a different set of do’s and don’ts and as long as you are following a few basic rules, your home should look amazing once you’re finished painting.

Colors for the Outside of Your Home

If the outside of your home is painted a bright yellow, it may look fantastic to you but it will likely be more difficult to sell to someone else. Neutral colors are the best ones to use on the exterior of your home but you also need to match those colors with the rest of the property. In other words, the paint color should match the stonework, landscaping, bricks, and even the location of the home itself. If you are a bit secluded and live near the woods, earth tones will work best. Ranch-style homes do well with a little more color whereas Colonial homes look great with the color white. The paint that you use on the outside of your home needs to match the other features of your home and the location of the home itself while still sticking to a neutral-type color in the end.

Living Room and Kitchen

When it comes to the living room, warm and neutral colors work best including beige, creamy white, and light grey. These colors will allow the new homeowners to place nearly any style or color of furniture there and have it match perfectly. Of course, trends show that the living room is the one room in your home that is most likely to be repainted at some point by the new owners so you can go with something besides white; however, sticking to neutral tones is still your best bet when it comes to this room.

Regarding the kitchen – a very popular room in everyone’s home – you can feel free to choose something bright such as light olive or pale yellow. The kitchen is the one location where you want to avoid dull-looking walls that are unattractive and boring.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Since bedrooms are meant for relaxing, choosing soft tones for the walls is recommended, including beige, eggshell white, lighter grays, and yellows. Don’t go trendy in the bedrooms: go basic.

As far as the bathrooms are concerned, although many people want to go bright in these rooms, that is not recommended. Bathrooms need colors that make the room look bigger, which means that you should avoid dark reds and blues and go with warm whites or beiges instead. The darker colors make the room look smaller and this is one thing that you do not want for the bathrooms in your home.