How Do You Remove Paint from Grout?

While removing paint from tiles is fairly easy to do, you need to put forth a great deal more energy when removing paint from grout. That is because grout easily absorbs paint. So, if the material is not sealed, you can compare the activity to removing stain from wood.

How to Handle a Problem with Excess Paint

So, if you have removed stain from wood, you know the activity cannot be done unless you use some form of abrasion, such as sandpaper. However, in the case of grout, you need to begin with tile solvents and, if unsuccessful, move on to abrasives. If all else fails, you may want to apply paint over the grout itself.

Remove a Paint Spill Immediately

In order to effectively remove paint from grout, you need to act quickly. Wipe up as much paint as possible with a wet cloth. Ideally, it is helpful to catch a spill when it has just been made, to save you further work down the road. So, if you have just dripped some paint, wipe it up with the proper mixture or solvent. If the paint is latex, use water and soap and if the paint is oil-based, opt for mineral spirits.

How to Remove Dried Paint

If you are dealing with dried latex paint, use a paint remover designed for latex paint to get rid of the residue. You can also use isopropyl alcohol. Neither of these types of solvents will damage tiles. Simply remove the paint from the grout and take care to do so gently. You can remove dried oil paint the same way. However, as indicated, use mineral spirits instead. If mineral spirits do not work, then opt for such solvents as kerosene or acetone. Before using these particular solvents though, test them on the tiles first to make sure they do not mar the finish.

Using a Battery-Powered Toothbrush

You can scrub away paint that is already absorbed into the grout with the use of a battery-powered toothbrush. Using this type of tool on grout can be likened to using sandpaper on stained wood. Use the toothbrush with other solvents. However, be careful about using lacquer thinner or acetone, as either of these two products can dissolve the bristles of the toothbrush.

If large amounts of paint are splattered on the tile and grout use a paint stripper, which has a primary base of soy or citrus. Follow the label directions when applying the stripper and scrape off the paint using a paint scraper made of plastic. In order to remove the stripper off the grout, scrub with a mildly abrasive wool pad or a regular toothbrush.

Apply an Epoxy Coating

If all of the above activities do not bring you the results you want, apply a colorant made of an epoxy to the grout. However, before you apply the epoxy, clean the grout with a grout cleaner. Brush the colorant onto the grout with a toothbrush. If you choose this method it will take about sixty minutes for the solvent to dry.