Bedrooms are meant for sleeping but are often used for watching television, working on laptops or iPads, spending quality time with loved ones, reading, working out, etc.  Today, people are not decorating their room to best bedroom colors for sleepsleep in, but more to live in and this could be affecting their sleep!

According to a recent statistic, lack of sleep contributes to serious health hazards including hypertension, obesity, and many more. Lack of sleep may also lead to occupational injuries, as well as, in some cases, fatalities.

The best way to make your bedroom ideal for sleep is to apply beautiful and relaxing paint to the wall. Painting the surface of your bedroom in a comfortable and relaxing paint color is a great way to soothe your eyes and is good for sleep.

Apply Soothing Colors:

When choosing a paint color for your bedroom, you need to choose something that is relaxing and soothing for your eyes. For example, you can use light blues or earth tones since these colors are best to promote sleep. This is why interior designers always suggest brilliant shades of blue for the bedroom. Actually, because blue is the color of the sky it naturally raises a feeling of calm. According to a recent report, people who have painted their bedroom in blue regularly sleep well and wake up feeling happy.

Avoid Bright and Bold Colors:

Bright colors in the bedroom can increase the amount of energy and create a disturbance to your sleep. Bright colors act against relaxation since people feel stimulated in a room which is painted in bright or bold shades.  On the other hand, paint colors like lime green and sky blue are prone to create more of a mass appeal to people as opposed to bright and bold colors which may only appeal to some.

White and Off-White:

Shades of white and off-white can also be useful colors for the bedroom since they create a spacious feeling, which is good for sleep. A white room can also look very cool and blunt and this creates a comfortable atmosphere. Off-white shades like cream, ivory, and even light gray can also make the bedroom feel more cozy. White color on the ceiling is also ideal for creating an illusion of greater height which is also good for sleep.