Burnett Painting repairs cracked stuccoOver time, stucco can crack. This can lead to a number of other cracks up the side of the building and start to show off some of the flaws of the structure. This can all be avoided by using a quality painter that will repair the cracks so that your building can be just as attractive as the day it was built. A good Florida painter will be able to show you how repair and quality paint can make a difference.


A Venice painter should be educated in art as well as painting, which means that they will be able to help you decide on the right color paint for the outside of your building. Darker colors may be better for some flaws while a lighter color can help hide others.


Depending upon the style of the stucco, quality paint makes a significant difference. Knowing what paint will be “soaked up” by stucco that is old or untreated is one benefit of hiring a professional painting contractor. Some paint covers well and some paint is too watered down to cover evenly or protect the stucco, which is paints #1 job on a home! When the texture is covered in its entirety, it will add to the full color of the sides of the building, not fade, not leave streaks and is much easier to disguise cracks and other building flaws.


As the Florida sun beats down on the building, it can start to fade the paint unevenly, which will only make the flaws that much more evident. It is therefore critical that a professional Venice painter be called in to handle the painting in order to get a warranty that protects the building from needing to be repainted sooner than necessary.


The quality paint can provide what is needed to keep a building looking newer, longer. Flaws can spread and age a building long before it should be. When you hire a Venice painter who is experienced with cracks and other flaws, it can help with the aesthetics of a building instead of hiring a contractor to re-stucco the building, something that can be very expensive.


A Florida painter should be experienced with painting the external aspects of a building. Different paints, brushes and brush strokes are used on external versus internal painting. Experience in painting alone is not sufficient, especially when you are trying to hide building flaws. Taking the time to check out the credentials of a painter can go a long way in hiding what you need to on your building.


Every Venice painter has their skills, so it’s important to find a quality painter that has the knowledge and skills to hide any building flaws and bring out your home’s true beauty. Quality paint can go a long way, but only if the painter applying it knows exactly what they are doing throughout the process.