Community Spotlight with

Dallas Council of AAMCO  Venice

Steve:  Hello and welcome to another segment of Community Spotlight, I’m your host Steve Burnett, with Burnett Painting and I’m here with Dallas Council of AAMCO Transmission inVenice Florida.  Hello Dallas.



Dallas:  Hello Steve, how are you?


Steve:  Real good, yourself?


Dallas:  Good, good, very good.


Steve:  Great.  We had to meet really early this morning, before all the mechanics and customers came in with the impact wrenches whamming and knocking in the background.  So we are caffeinated and ready to go. Are you ready to go?


Dallas:  I am.


Steve:  Ok… where are you from?


Dallas:  Well, with a name likeDallas, you almost have to be from…Texas.  I was actually born in a little town calledMt. Pleasant,Texas, I was flown on Lifeflight toDallas and that is kind of how I got the name.  That coupled with the fact that my dad is a real big Cowboy fan and the TV show,Dallas, was very popular at the time.


Steve:  Yes, it was a soap opera.


Dallas:  That’s right, J R Ewing.


Steve:  I remember that.


Dallas:  So here I am.


Steve:  That’s cool.  How did you get into this business?


Dallas:  Well, in 2002 , when my son was born,Jackson, who is now about to turn 9, I was going to college to get a degreein business and I really needed to start earning income to support my family.  My parents actually owned a couple of AAMCO transmissionfranchises inTexas and it was at the suggestion of my father, and through some contacts of him, that I was able to join AAMCO.  I actually join in 2002, and I’ve been with them ever since.


Steve:  Fantastic.  What do you enjoy most about this business?


Dallas:  What I’ve always really enjoyed about the business is the interaction in customer service.  I really, really like it.  Unfortunately, one thing that changed when I got involved in the franchise is I’m not in that role as much.  So that is one of the things I miss and I still really enjoy the most is getting to meet people and interact on a customer service level with them.


Steve:  That makes sense because you are a great people person.


Dallas:  Thank you very much.


Steve:  You’re welcome.  What separates you from your competitors? What’s unique about Dallas Council and AAMCO Venice?


Dallas:  This is going to sound so much like the clique, but really here at AAMCO Venice it is all about the customer service.  We engrain into our front office staff and the technicians the motto that says that we give more in value than we take in payment.  That is something we try to live by.  One thing that kind of makes a niche for us in the automotive industry is that we’re one of the only repair facilities that will rebuild transmissions right here in house.  Some other shops around town have the ability to buy transmissions and install it into your vehicle, or will sell the work out.  Only one other  that I know of has the ability to actually do the re-building process of the transmission right in house.  That makes us unique to our industry.


Steve:  What significant changes have you seen take place in the last few years in your industry?


Dallas:  It is an every changing industry, but one of the largest things I have seen over the last 5-6 years especially is that they are really making the cars a lot better.  The technology they are putting into the cars, as I’m sure you are aware…


Steve:  So you don’t see them as often.


Dallas:  We don’t see them as often.  That is a bit unfortunate.  What happens though is they are making better cars for the consumers but they are also making more expensive cars to repair.  So, all the electronics make diagnostics tougher, makes it cutting edge for staff and crew to stay ahead of the learning curve and it makes it more expensive when they do fail.


Steve:  Explain the strangest or funniest incident you have ever experienced in this business:


Dallas:  Well, I have experienced a few.  The most recent thing that happened that was funny and a bit spooky was… an older lady just pulled in one day.  Out of the blue tried to pull into the bay, on her own, which is prohibited as we like to do that ourselves. So on the way in, she was able to bump into the wall, backed up to correct herself and ran into the Coke snack machine here.  The funny thing is that she got out as if nothing happened, like she had never bumped the wall, never bumped the Coke machine.  Just tossed us the keys and wanted an oil change.  That was pretty weird.  We have been able to interact with a lot of really unique people so it is always fun to get a sense of the culture here inVenice.


Steve:   What is one sentence that you would like people to use in describing the way you do business?


Dallas:  I would really like people to go away and be able to say… hey, we went to AAMCO and not only did they meet but exceeded our expectations, everything was first class.  So, the one word sentence would  be… not only did they meet,  but EXCEED, our expectation.  That’s from customer service, to pricing, to delivery.  The works.


Steve:  I know that is true for me. We bring all our vehicles here and see nothing but outstanding service.  We appreciate it.


Dallas:  I appreciate that very much.


Steve:  Before the bonus question, you are married, right?  Children?


Dallas: Yes, I’m married to my wonderful wife, Katie, for going on 7 years now.  I have three children:  Jackson who is going to be 9, Alexandra who will be 5 and Ava who will be 2.  They all have birthdays really close in August, September and October so it is getting ready to be a fun time for us… birthdays all around.


Steve: Good deal.  Now for the money question.  Point to a card.  Your question:  If you were to run for president, who would be your running mate?  And why?


Dallas:  I’m going to go for some bonus points here and say it would be my wonderful wife, Katie.  Only because she knows me better than any one else.  She knows my philosophies and she is always able to give me an objective opinion that is received well.  She just overall makes me a better person.


Steve:  Awesome.  Great answer, I’m sure you did get a couple of bonus and cool points. Dallas, thank you.


Dallas:  Thank you for doing this.


Steve:  You’re welcome.  That is another segment of Community Spotlight; I’m your host Steve with Burnett Painting encouraging you to have a great day!

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