Ideas for Painting Your Master SuiteIt can quickly become difficult to decide which colors to choose for the master suite of your home, especially when you consider how quickly modern trends and fashions shift with each coming year.  There are a number of beneficial colors which stand the test of time while providing you with a modern and attractive new master suite to show off to guests whenever they visit. The typical master suite is larger than any other bedroom of the home, meaning you have more surface area with which to play while looking for the perfect color or combination of colors to suit your needs.

Additional Rooms

Many master suites come equipped with a bathroom and even a dressing or sitting area, and it is always in your best interests to build a unique look using all of these spaces as a whole rather than as separate areas.  These are rooms that are connected to each other and, as such, are better kept to the same theme and colors throughout the project so that you never see any sudden disruption of your view when entering the master suite.  That said, you do not necessarily need to make all of the walls the same color, but rather you may choose complementary colors or even to carry certain accent colors through the spaces to create a theme without using the same style each time.


It may be that you utilize your master suite for work as well as rest, and it may surprise you to learn that the colors you paint a room will have a negative or positive effect on your emotional state.  If you want to set a certain mood within the space, the best action you will ever take is to utilize the right colors for the job, and bright colors are a great way to go to achieve such a goal.  Neutral shades are a great way to add a simple appeal to any room and may help you to add a pop of color using your bed linens, lamps, pillows, or other accessories found within the room(s).


It may surprise you to learn that green is counted among the best colors for bedrooms at large because it is a color with elements of both warm and cool.  There are also a wide range of tints from which to choose so that you may achieve a completely unique look without forcing yourself to push your budget beyond its limits, and such an option will also dramatically increase your productivity and rest inside the room.  You may also choose a number of complementary colors for your trim and accent work so that you make the room appear more dynamic and flowing.

If you are having difficulty determining your theme or which walls to paint in your master suite to tie the rooms together, call a professional: Burnett 1-800 PAINTING!