When you want to change the look of your home without breaking your budget, a new paint color is just what you need. A change this simple can transform an entire room from ordinary to spectacular, in a matter of hours, giving your home a brand new look that will impress guests and family alike. Similar to the fashion world, there are certain colors, patterns, and looks that begin trending with each new year. In the 80s, warm reds, oranges, and yellows were all the rage, while mint green was once the color of choice for tile. With the arrival of 2017 right around the corner it is important to take a look at the colors that are on the rise in popularity. If you want your home to stay modern, or if you want to build an attractive home to put on the market, you should keep yourself informed of the current trending palette.


When you want to build a room that is at once beautiful and inviting, cool colors are your best option. Researchers have found a number of complementary colors that homeowners adore and have started using to transform the atmosphere inside their home. One of these colors is a cool blue known as Peek a Blue, which is light, inviting, and calm. Paired with Close Knit, That’s My Lime, and Laid Back Gray, this color combination tells guests and residents alike that they are welcome in the room.

These colors promote relaxation and comfort, and thousands of new homes across the country are slated to use these colors in their living rooms. To complete the look, work the room from the ground up, starting with the floors and walls and then moving on to the furniture. Sticking to this palette should create a look that is attractive to families and couples.


For those with a taste for something a little more exciting, bold blacks and greens are the best options. Trending for 2017 is Jade Green, Shades On, Close Knit, and Polished Aqua. These colors are best suited for rooms of the house in which you wish to make a big statement. These colors ooze confidence in yourself and your home, and they can be used especially well within a kitchen.

The kitchen is the hub of the home, where much of the gossip, bonding, fights, and laughs take place. Contrasting colors complement this type of environment, and the lighter colors are commonly placed high while the darker hues are kept at waist level. The difference will create an exciting space perfect for people living alone or families alike.

Whatever statement you wish to make, keeping your home up to date with modern trends will help you remain relevant in a constantly changing world. Use these trending color palettes to create something new within your home at a cost-effective price. For those with a mind for renovation but not the budget to match their ambitions, a few new colors and choice pieces of furniture are all you need to make a big statement. You deserve the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.