The exterior of your home is very different from the inside of your home in many different ways. Obviously, everyone can see the outside of your home. You probably have surrounding homes which you want your home to stand out, but not clash. You should consider these things when you’re selecting exterior paint colors. Neutral colors may be the best option for the outside of your Venice, Florida home because they are visually appealing without hurting your resale value.


If you live in a gated or deed restricted community, you may be limited by the colors you can paint your house. This is to avoid the very bold and bright colors that may be limited to one person’s individual tastes. Neighbors don’t typically like when someone goes with a very bright color, either, because it can hurt their chances for resale, too.


neutral home colorsThat doesn’t mean you have to go with a boring shade that doesn’t actually look vibrant. There are greens, tans, reds, pinks, blues and many other colors that are still considered neutral that you can choose for the exterior of your home. The best thing to do is make an appointment for a consultation with a painter. The painter will come out to your Venice, Florida home and make some suggestions based on the design of your home as well as the color schemes of some of your neighbors.

From there, you can add in touches of brilliance with trim, your front door, and even garage doors. It’s much easier for someone to ignore a bright red door than a bright red house. You still get your favorite color without alienating your entire neighborhood and getting fined from the community association.


You also need to consider that neutral colors are more likely to hold up against the Florida sun better. The brighter you choose to start out, the quicker it will fade into a neutral color anyway. It won’t look as good as the neutrals, however, because it will most likely fade unevenly.


When you want the exterior of your home to look its very best for the long haul, you need to start out with neutrals, as any professional painter will tell you – especially when you’re talking about Venice, Florida. why pick neutral exterior paint colorAfter all, we want you to get your money’s worth out of the paint job. Again, it doesn’t have to be boring – just look at your neighbors’ color right next to you and tell yourself, that color is taken. What neutral color is different from theirs, yet blends nicely? We want unique color, but not clashing.


The other reason you need to consider neutral colors is because of the resale value. People shop with their eyes. Your idea of a great color and someone else’s idea of a great color may be completely different. You don’t want to have your house on the market for too long simply because people don’t like the bright lavender or yellow that you’ve chosen. When you go with sage greens, beiges and other softer colors, people are much more willing to look at the house, even if it’s not the exact color that they would have chosen for themselves.


Your Venice Florida painter can help you make the best decisions for your home. Just set up an appointment and start looking at the palette to pick a great color.