ugly houseYou’ve found the perfect home, great! BUT it’s Barbie pink or some color that is not your style? No problem! There’s no reason to avoid buying the home of your dreams just because the exterior color isn’t what you had hoped it would be. When you hire a qualified painter, you don’t have to take any color at face value. They can open your eyes to a world of different hues and shades that you can paint your new house.


Every homeowner has their preferences. If the house that you love is painted yellow, pink, or another color that you don’t favor, it’s no reason to pass on buying it. If the details on the inside are everything that you wanted, go ahead and make an offer. You may even be able to tell the realtor that you’ll need to paint the exterior of the house. This could allow you some leeway on price to have the painting factored into your offer.


Once the house is yours, go ahead and call up an experienced painter in the Venice, Florida area. They will come over for a free consultation with you so that you can discuss all of your options. You will get to see a full color palette of choices for the exterior of your home. The painter will make their recommendations and you can select your favorite color.


choosing exterior home colorShow off your color flair! You can choose to go darker or lighter than the current color. The painter you hire will also show you options for complementary trims. You may also choose to change out the color of the front door or the garage doors for some additional character to your new home.

If there’s a feature of your home you don’t like, just tell your painter. They’ll help you figure out how to color the feature so that it fits your style. The home will be yours, so it’s important that you love everything about it.


Remember to interview at least 3 painters and ask for a warranty. Florida gets hot and can do a number on paint after a few years. The average paint used is only designed to last about five years. That said, there are painters that use a higher quality and can even issue you a certificate that gives you up to 9 years on the paint used, which can help you save a lot of money in the long run.


Every detail about your home can be changed in one way or another. If you’re looking at a house and don’t like the color, don’t immediately disregard it as an option. The right color paint will show off your personal style, so go ahead and buy that home! Then hire a painter before you even move in and they’ll change the color to match your taste and help you absolutely love pulling into your driveway and seeing your beautiful home every time!Heron Creek home